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  • Does a student need to have prior band or other musical experience?
    ABSOLUTELY NOT!   While a background in piano or similar instrument can be helpful to a student's understanding of musical concepts, it is NOT necessary to have prior knowledge or training.  Most of the students in the Creek Valley Band had no music training outside regular 5th grade music classes prior to coming here.
  • Is it possible to be in Band, LEAP, and have a lot of Pre-AP Classes?
    YES!  In fact, quite a few of our current band students participate this way AND a majority of those even participate in football, volleyball, basketball, theater, choir, etc. in addition.
  • Asthma? Braces? Is it possible?
    ABSOLUTELY!  There are accommodations available for practically every student interested in being part of the band.  There are plenty of students in band that wear braces or have asthma.  In fact, playing a wind instrument can be beneficial in the strengthening of the lungs.
  • Does band take a lot of time?
    NOT REALLY.  For a beginner, there are only four required full-band rehearsals (after school) throughout the school-year and four concerts.
  • What if we cannot afford an instrument?
    CONTACT US!  There are low-cost options for getting and instrument either from Music and Arts or using LISD-owned instruments (certain conditions apply).  Do NOT let financial concerns keep your child from joining - we can, and we WILL, always find a solution!
  • Will band get in the way of making good grades?
    NOPE!  With the amount of hard work towards each class is determined by each individual, over the years we have found the majority of students in band actually do BETTER in all their other classes.  Band helps create habits of excellence that carry over to a multitude of other activities,
  • What do you get to do in Band?
    Concerts !!! Band Parties!!! And More!!

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