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The Horn is also a member of the brass family. Its sound is produced by buzzing into a small mouthpiece similar to a trumpet. Only the top 14-16 scores will be selected to play Horn. Students with good musical ears (such as Honor Choir students) should consider Horn.

Characteristics and Considerations

Physical Characteristics:  A slight overbite is okay, but an underbite can severely hinder progress on French Horn. Because the bell of the French horn rests on the knee of the player while playing, it is imperative that a student’s upper torso be long enough to accommodate the size of the French horn to make good sounds and that players be able to demonstrate sitting straight up when asked to do so. The French horn’s keys are manipulated with the LEFT hand.

Other Considerations:  Because of the difficult nature of Horn notes (mentioned above), students should exhibit GREAT ability to match sung or played pitches by humming or singing. Perhaps this is a good instrument choice for students who have participated in piano lessons or honor choir groups. Students with a history of academic or behavioral problems will NOT be selected for French horn. Creek Valley provides French horns for students at a cost of $100 rental for an entire school year.


10% of students will be selected for HORN 



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