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The bassoon is to the oboe what the bass clarinet is to the clarinet. It is the larger, lower sounding version of the double reed instrument. However, bassoon students will not play oboe before switching, instead they will begin on the bassoon itself. VERY few students will be selected to play Bassoon.

Characteristics and Considerations

Physical Characteristics:  A slight overbite is okay for students wishing to play bassoon, however, a student with an underbite should avoid bassoon. Agile thumbs is a necessity for playing bassoon proficiently as well as a medium or greater hand span.

Other Considerations:  Like the oboe, the bassoon is such a difficult instrument to master, only students with high academic performance records will be considered. Students who choose (and are selected) to play bassoon are REQUIRED to take weekly private lessons with the applied lesson teacher at Creek Valley. Private lessons cost $20.00 per week and scholarships are available based on financial need and demonstration of diligent work ethic. Students are required to maintain a supply of 3-4 high-quality reeds at ALL times.
Again, the financial trade-off for having to take lessons and keep a stock of working reeds is that Creek Valley provides bassoons for students at a cost of $100 rental for an entire school year payable to LISD for routine maintenance.


 2% of students will be selected for BASSOON 



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