Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This Friday: Middle School Band Night @ HHS Football Game

Middle School Band Night @ Hebron HS!
7th & 8th grade band members
Friday, September 13th 5-10pm

5:00pm - Parents drop off students at the Hebron High School Cafeteria. To get to the cafeteria entrance, turn into Hebron from Charles St. (intersects with Plano Pkwy).
5:00-6:00pm - Students will have pizza and drinks with band members from Arbor Creek and Killian.
6:00pm - All middle school students, directors and chaperones will walk over to the stadium.
7:00pm - Pre-game music (Star Spangled Banner, School Song) performed by HHS Band only.
7:30pm - Kickoff. We will play altogether in the stands. Cheer and dance and have a good time!
?:??pm - Halftime. Pay close attention to directors as we move out of the stands and take our place on the field. After halftime we will get back in the stands and play more until it is time to go.
9:55pm - We will go back to the cafeteria to put away instruments and wait for rides.
10:00pm - Parents are waiting outside the cafeteria to pick up students. We suggest that you get there early so you do not get stuck in parking lot traffic.

What you need to wear: Shorts (solid color jeans or khaki shorts), NEW band t-shirt, sneakers (no flip-flops or sandals!
What you need to bring: instrument (in the case)

Answers to a few frequently asked questions
  • Students are required to walk back to the cafeteria with us as a group to be picked up at 10pm. Students WILL NOT be dismissed from the stands! Parents must pick up students at the cafeteria at 10pm.
  • We will eat pizza in the cafeteria and bottled water will be provided in the stands. Besides the bottle water, any other food or drink is not allowed. Parents may not bring students food from the concession stands.
  • Parents may come to the game to watch students perform at halftime, but you must have a ticket to the game. You can purchase a ticket at the stadium gate or here online.
  • This is a performance, and therefore participation is mandatory and counts as a major test grade. Please email directors ahead of time if you have an unavoidable conflict.
 Please email the directors if you have questions about MS Band Night.